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Surgical Pathology
Wilmington Pathology Associates and Solstas Lab Partners provides all aspects of general surgical pathology services with subspecialty expertise and consultative diagnostic services in the following areas:

1. Breast Pathology
2. Dermatopathology
3. Flow Cytometry
4. Gastrointestinal Pathology
5. Gynecologic Pathology
6. Head and Neck Pathology
7. Hematopathology
8. Immunohistochemistry
9. Oral Pathology
10. Uropathology
11. Pulmonary Pathology

Wilmington Pathology Associates and Solstas Lab Partners provides complete cytopathology diagnostic services including:

1. Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) Biopsies
  • Superficial and deep lesions of various body organs

2. Exfoliative Cytology of body cavity fluids

3. Pap Tests

  • ThinPrep™ Pap Test
  • HPV Testing
  • Chlamydia/Gonorrhea Testing
  • Cystic Fibrosis Testing

4. Urine Cytology (Hematuria Screen)

Microbiology Services
Wilmington Pathology Associates provides clinical microbiology consulting with clinical staff on laboratory matters of infectious disease diagnosis and testing, immunology testing and diagnosis, molecular testing, and susceptibility testing. Our mission is to keep our customers at the cutting edge of infectious disease diagnosis and testing. We provide 24-hour access to clinical microbiology consultation for clinicians and they can contact us directly with questions or laboratory diagnostic issues relating to clinical microbiology, immunology, or molecular testing. Our clinical microbiology services include but are not limited to:

  • Interpretation of diagnostic assays in microbiology, immunology, point of care testing, and molecular testing.
  • Evaluate, interpret, and correlate unusual microbiology laboratory results to patient care when needed if an infectious disease physician is not available.
  • Evaluate and analyze susceptibility test data and provide summary information, assist in developing and monitoring your local antibiogram, and help interpret common or uncommon mechanisms of resistance.
  • Review of selected stained slides in microbiology and immunology for the detection of pathogens.
  • Evaluate, interpret, and correlate unusual immunology results such as antinuclear antibodies, serum protein electrophoresis, and immunofixation electrophoresis.
  • Provide an integral link between the laboratory, infection control, and pharmacy.
  • Help you apply documented interpretive criteria for microbiology tests and assist in the resolution of technical problems of culture identification.
  • Assist with developing strategies to meet all standards of good microbiology laboratory practice, assist with strategic planning for future services, and help meet all CAP and CLIA regulations including helping write procedure manuals as needed.
  • Assist in evaluation and incorporation of new technology, equipment, and tests into practice and ensure all needed documentation of implementation is in place before testing starts.
  • Provide in-service training to laboratory staff, nurses, physician assistants, and physicians as part of our consultation services.
  • Help you focus on streamlining, cost savings, and optimizing microbiology, immunology, or molecular testing services.
  • Provide on-site visits and a complete technical review of your microbiological laboratory as well as assistance in implementing the most cost-effective methods to meet the needs of your practice.


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